We move people with disabilities safely and comfortably year after year. The American Disabilities Act of 1990 requires all transit authorities to provide paratransit services for people unable to use regular public transit. At Maruti we have a caring and dependable attitude towards such specialized public transportation partnerships. We provide efficient, quality, cost effective solutions. We customize our Paratransit operations to the local needs of an area while providing safe, reliable, cost efficient, customer friendly services.


Our trained personnel provide quality transportation service with respect, compassion and sensitivity. Maruti handles on-time and in-budget operations for on-demand, fixed route, or scheduled services. We understand unique operational complexities of any given area and then customize the operations according to those needs.


Maruti provides:


• Complete Paratransit solutions.
• Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT)
• Full service turnkey operations.
• ADA Paratransit Vehicles and Operations.
• Technology to improve dispatch, route design and operational coordination.
• Provide passengers with up-to-the-minute schedule information.
• Capability to manage elaborate call center operations and sophisticated scheduling and dispatch software.
• We rigorously focus on efficiency.
• Reduce Costs and Budgets of our Partners.
• Right Balance between Quality of Services, and Cost.
• Highest standards of Safety.
• Rigorous Preventative Maintenance programs.
• Professional Management of our Operations.

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Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NET) - Paratransit Call Center Management


Maruti is a capable company scheduling and providing transportation to Medicaid recipients including paratransit call center operations. Our team of experienced professionals can customize a solution that fits the need of our contracting clients. Maruti will help reduce transit program costs. The benefit with Maruti is that we not only have capable Call Center resources but we also experienced in providing ground transportation services.


Give us a call at 904-387-1477 for your Paratransit transportation needs or
email us at


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